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Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition believes you get out what you put in, that's why its products are made with the highest standards of quality.

For 30+ years Optimum Nutrition has been committed to developing and providing nutritional supplements to help people achieve their fitness goals. From gold-standard protein powders to electrolyte boosters, it has always taken a hands-on approach to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Before a single machine is turned on, its team carefully selects premium raw materials to create only high-quality, great-tasting products. It qualifies, tests, and re-tests every step along the way because just like its customers, it cares about what goes into its products and what goes into people's bodies.

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition - Providing nutritional supplementation that doesn't cut corners

Optimum Nutrition has been around for over 35 years and the reality is, it has a lot to lose if it gets its formula wrong. So, they don't get it wrong. From the beginning, it has made sure that its formulas and products meet the needs of its consumers. You can be sure that everything listed on the supplement facts panel is 100% in the product. Unless it's validated in science, Optimum Nutrition won't compromise its integrity and will not sell an invalidated product. Scientific validity is something that its team guard extremely carefully.

Optimum Nutrition partners with its consumers so that it doesn't compromise on taste or quality. With this brand, you'll be getting a consistent best-in-class taste, quality and dedication to deliver everything it promises.

Optimum Nutrition FAQs

In general, Optimum Nutrition powders are suitable for lacto-vegetarians as they contain milk-sourced ingredients.

Many of Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey products are gluten-free with this clearly called out on the pack. Note that the 'Cookies & Cream' and 'Choc Malt' flavours are NOT gluten-free. Please check the on-pack allergen information before use.

In terms of the number of protein shakes per day, there is no absolute figure as this depends on your protein intake from food. You should aim to consume the majority of your protein from food and then use a shake as a convenient way of topping up your intake.

Your protein intake should vary between 1.4-2g/kg body weight to support performance, going towards the higher end if you are aiming to build muscle. Also to support recovery and performance  your protein should be evenly spread across the day, aiming for 20-30g of protein at each meal.

There is no best time to take a protein shake as it can be taken at any time throughout the day but a protein shake after a workout is a good option as it provides the muscle with a high-quality protein source which is delivered to the muscles fast after exercise.

Gold Standard 100% Isolate is 100% whey protein isolate compared to Gold Standard Whey which contains both whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) in its formulation.

Gold Standard 100% Isolate therefore has slightly more protein (25g/serve) than Gold Standard 100% Whey (24g/serve) and a lower level of carbohydrate and fat per serving, which could therefore suit the macro-conscious consumer. However, both protein powders support muscle growth and repair effectively.

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Optimum Nutrition says:

"We will never cut corners when it comes to delivering the best quality, so consumers can achieve their performance goals.

Lots of brands say 'We are the best'. Lots of brands say 'We are number one'. But, there is only one most reviewed, most awarded, best-selling protein powder on the planet... that's Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. We think that's a pretty big deal."

Optimum Nutrition is the leading brand of protein powder around the world.

Made with the finest ingredients, Optimum Nutrition is and has been the leading protein brand since the mid-1980s.

Optimum Nutrition is and has been the leading protein brand since the mid-1980s. It's Gold Standard proteins are best-sellers at all major specialty health & fitness retailers for good reason: they are made with the finest ingredients, under the highest quality conditions and are sold at a competitive price.

We encourage you to search the web and bodybuilding forums for product reviews. Millions and millions of satisfied users are the best endorsements that Optimum Nutrition can ever provide. We think you'll like what you read... and enjoy its supplements even more.

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